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Postive Pug-imus

Posted by Smokimus on February 5, 2010

I don’t think there is any doubt about the fact that the Dungeon Finder has been an unqualified success.  The only issue that comes up when using it is the occasional “ass-hat” that you run across who seems to be trying to exercise their epeen.  In the “real world”, there is a phrase that goes something like – “When you have a good experience you will tell 0ne other person, When you have a bad experience you will tell ten other people.”  We scream to the world when something awful happens, but we don’t usually say much, if anything, when things go as we’d hoped they would.  (i.e. no drama).

So it is in WoW.  Many people will tell you about the fail pug they ran and there is no loss for stories of the person who quit the dungeon before finishing, leaving the group to wait for another person to become available to fill the spot the quitter vacated.  What about the good stories? What about the times it went perfectly?

I run the random dungeon almost nightly in order to get the frost emblems and 90% of the runs go off without a hitch and some go better than that.  I’m not vocal in the pugs I run.  I generally /say “hello” at the beginning and /say “thanks for the run” at the end and that is the extent of my communication with the other members of the group.   I need to be better about recognizing the quality players that I run with.  If someone is an exceptionally good tank or healer, I try to let them know that I appreciate their play, but I don’t do that always and need to.

What makes a good run to me?  Speed and no dieing.  The tank that can pull quickly and hold aggro and basically only stop on the occasion that the healer needs mana is perfect.  The healer that can keep the tank up and keep the rest of the party up with little to no down time is also perfect.

  • Gundrak, Old Kingdom, Violet Hold, and the Nexus in less than 15 minutes
  • Culling of Stratholm with several minutes to spare for the drake.
  • The Occulus in less than 20 minutes.

Have done all of these and others that I don’t remember with great groups.  I hope to be able to capture screenshots of the good groups I run with, going forward.

This post is a response to the shared topic in Blog Azeroth and the this post by Gnomeaggedon


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