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Mount Hyjal…Yawn

Posted by Smokimus on February 12, 2010

Last night the guild ran Mount Hyjal for the achievement and for fun.  We got the achievement, but the fun…not so much.  I can’t imagine doing this raid at level.  It would have certainly made me consider forgoing any future raids with the unending trash waves followed by what would have been uber hard bosses.  The loot just would not have been worth it.

I know that Kara and other BC instances were great.  Kara seems to be the universally chosen favorite raid of the guild.  I’ve liked it the times I’ve been in there, but I never did it at level and I imagine that would have been amazingly hard.  Certainly interesting though.  Unlike the tedium that is Mount Hyjal.

Will hopefully post screenshots of our run later.


3 Responses to “Mount Hyjal…Yawn”

  1. Matrik said

    Just remember, Smok….as bad as the run was last night, at least we had to “Unleash the Kraken”!

    That kept us laughing enough to make it fun.

  2. Brad said

    Kara was definitely my favorite to date. There is something about it that all made sense to me unlike the other raids. It was a haunted “mansion” with bosses that were ghosts that had roles that you would find in a mansion. The opera event is still one of my favorite.

    Im kinda sad i missed the Hyjal run but im glad you guys finished it!

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