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The thoughtful ramblings of a space goat and his alts.

Outland Raider and Elder Alt

Posted by Smokimus on March 5, 2010

Smoki has an additional 20 slot bag as of last night thanks to the guild’s run of Zul’Aman. Even did some Fury Tanking while our usual tank had to deal with RL issues for a bit.  This completed his quest for the Outland Raider achievement.  Going to have to do the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement next, before Cataclysm.  Special thanks to Secret for arranging these runs they’ve been fun and a chance for me to see content that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. 🙂

Muradizon the DK recieved his first title last night, as well, Elder after completing the Lunar Festival event.  Again a very appropriate title.  Big thanks go to Kwik, Grim, and Reese who helped by going to Utgarde Pinnacle with me to get the final Elder for the achievment.


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