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Bone Stormed

Posted by Smokimus on April 26, 2010

I take a break for a couple of weeks to attend to real life issues (like work and kids) and come back to find that it’s the end of the world as we know it.  Apparently we’ve been Bone Stormed.

The Class Change Preview Hullaballoo –

OMG <fill in the blank> is going to be OP.  I’m gonna quit.” Or “OMG my class is getting beat with the nerf bat.  I’m gonna quit.” These seem to be the predominate items that I see being spewed as a result of the Cataclysm Class Change Previews.  To which, I respond with “slow your roll.”  As I understand it, many of the changes that were contemplated for Wrath were not implemented in the end and those that were implemented were somewhat different than those changes that were initially discussed.

My only real observation from the whole exercise is that many of the changes are being made for the purposes of changing/balancing PVP.  I don’t PVP beyond the occasional battleground. This concerns me from the perspective of the effects PVP changes have on the PVE game that I play.  When taken in light of the recent PVP related changes to various classes, I think this is an area of legitimate concern.  However, I will take a wait and see attitude. My roll is officially slowed.

My Pretty Pony –

It’s only a matter of time before they start selling levels and Tier 11 gear.  I’m gonna quit.”Or “Isn’t it so cute.”

When the pet store first came out, Blizzard said they it would include pets and MOUNTS.  I don’t think they were referring to activities that occur in the Deep Run Tram when they said this.  I’m fairly certain that they were talking about in-game pets and vehicles your toons can ride in game.  It wasn’t the end of the world when they announced it then and it’s not the end of the world now.  They are no closer to selling levels (see Refer A Friend) or game changing items (see Race Change) beyond what they currently do.  They are doing what they said they were going to do.  If I were in their position, I would do the same thing.  They are in the business to make money and the pets and mounts appear to be doing so very well,  thank you.

As a result of Blizzard selling these items and appearing to do well with them, Is there the possibility that they won’t raise the subscription fee or in other ways make the game more real money expensive?  They haven’t raised the subscription fee in 5 years, even in a low inflationary environment this seems to be exceptional as certainly their hardware, development, and maintenance costs have increased.

Were you forced to buy any of the items currently on the store?  Did the fact that others did buy the items negatively impact your game? Outside of the annoying noises the new pet made (and you no longer have to hear), I believe the answer to these questions is no.  When you are denied a raid slot because you don’t have a Spectral Flying Cockroach, I will then believe that it is the end of the World of Warcraft.

It’s My Raid and I’ll Cry If I Want Too.

Here is an area that I will proclaim utter noobitude.  I think there should be additional reward for being able to successfully put  and keep together a 25 person raiding group over doing the same for a 10 person group.  From my understanding, that will continue to be the case.  It just may not be as large a distinction as it currently is, but the distinction will be there.

The guild I’m in has attempted to put together 25 person guild raids in the past, but it has not been effective for a variety of reasons. It seems that getting 25 people together on a consistent basis is very hard except for the most elite guilds that are able to recruit people from all over the community/world and basically enforce the necessary discipline on their members with the threat of being able to replace their position at the drop of a hat.  Even with notoriety and recognized accomplishments, many top guilds have issues with this as well.  For a many (most?) casual guilds, maintaining the necessary “dedication” among its members to consistently run 25s is not a legitimate possibility.

It seems to me that Blizz is seeing this trend.  They’ve made the content much more accessible and so much more of the community is able to see the “end game” content.  My guess is that they are noticing the bulk of the new people are seeing the content in 10s versus 25s.  As a result, they are attempting to continue a system that will support most of the people who want to see the content, yet the system that they propose will allow those “hardcore” guilds to see it sooner and “gear up” more quickly.  I don’t have a problem with that, but what do I know.

It may be the end of the world, but I feel fine.


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