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Posted by Smokimus on May 3, 2010

Change of any sort is almost always met with cries of impending doom.  The potential changes to raiding in Cataclysm appear to be no different.

In case you’ve been under a rock, Blizzard is seriously considering the homogenization of 10 and 25 person raids for Cataclysm to the point where the only noticeable difference between them is the number of people in the parties (i.e. 10 or 25 people).  They are even likely to have the raids share the same lock-out.  I think these changes are very positive, but I’m selfish that way (I raid 10s and don’t have the real possibility of raiding end-game 25s).

From various vocal quarters around the WOW community, this homogenization is being met with much indignation.  Many seem resigned to the fact that guilds will break-up over this change.  This may be so. However, what gets confusing is these people will say that they don’t play for the shiny loot.  They just want to play with their friends.  While this is admirable and all, it is confusing because the announced changes aren’t doing anything to prevent them from playing with their friends.  Blizzard isn’t removing 25s, like they did to 40s between Vanilla and BC. Blizzard is just making 10s more equal to 25s.  The complainers, in my mind, while indicating that they don’t play for loot are considering changing their preferred play style as the result of loot changes.  25s aren’t going to be considered “special” any more and they aren’t going to do them because they aren’t “special”.  What about the friends they so desperately want to play with?  How good of friends are they if you don’t want to play with them because you aren’t going to have access to the elite super special pixels of shiny WOW loot?

It seems to me that many who are complaining have some degree of misunderstanding about the situation they are in at this time.  I would argue that the “friends” they have wouldn’t be around now except for the opportunity to get loot, and that they may want to reconsider their definition of friend.  I believe their concern/agitation at this proposed change is the direct result of a light being shown on the truth of their situation.  In their heart of hearts, they know this to be the case.  Those players that they’ve been thinking of as friends are just people who want the shiny special pixels and when those aren’t exclusively available through their elite raiding guild they will go elsewhere without a second thought.  Maybe they recognize this, hence the consternation, but I think they should attempt some introspection about the situation before proclaiming the sky is falling.

The best post I’ve seen on this is from Ava @ Tales of a Priest.  She is in a high-end/elite raiding guild (Dark Nemesis) and is willing to take a wait and see approach.  She’s been there and done that and I think she has a good deal of credibility in this area.

Are 25s harder to organize and keep together? No doubt.  Logistics aside, are 25s harder to complete than the corresponding 10s? No.  I think in many cases it is much harder to consistently achieve in 10s because missing one person from your regular group in 10s is significantly harder to make-up for than missing  one, two or even three  people from a 25s group.  For this reason, I think it is perfectly reasonable to have 10s and 25s share the same loot.

I know your waiting with baited breath, because this post hasn’t gone on long enough, but I will make a future post about what I think Blizzard is hoping to accomplish with this.


(turn and face the strain)


Don’t want to be a richer man


(turn and face the strain)


Just gonna have to be a different man

Time may change me

But I can’t trace time

(David Bowie)


2 Responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. Smokimus said

    The raid issue is one of the two defining issues (the other being “micro-transactions”)that are going to affect the continued popularity of WOW. As such, it is being analyzed with a great deal of passion. This is a good sign.

  2. Secretworld said

    I know exactly what Blizzard is hoping to accomplish with this: Keep the most paying players around for the longest time possible. If I was them I’d do the same thing. And I totally agree with your comments on this.

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