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I Like Being OP…Yeah You Know Me

Posted by Smokimus on April 21, 2011

I haven’t pugged a heroic since first hitting 85 and I don’t anticipate doing so at any point in the near future. I believe that the vast bulk of the community has the same sentiment and this is the major reason for the incoming tank bribery (aka – Call to Arms).

I don’t believe that the Call to Arms is going to have any long-term effect on que times, which is of course the reason for the bribe. Tanks are not going to line up for the rewards because they aren’t enough to compensate for the level of effort/trauma that is required to lead a pug. I know that, although I have a tank spec, I’m not up to the challenge as the dungeons are currently structured.

I do think that it was a noble experiment for Blizzard to try and ratchet up the difficulty of the Cataclysm dungeons. But as they say – “The path to hell is paved with good intentions.” The current majority of players (I count myself in this group) would rather steamroll content than to struggle with 2+ hour dungeon runs that they may or may not finish.

I have a limited amount of time each day. I might be able to squeeze in two hours in the evening, but that really starts to stretch it for me during the work week. I just don’t have the time or desire to beat my head against the wall and struggle with a group of complete strangers (some of whom are utter ass-hats) to finish a dungeon run. My time in game is supposed to be fun, not torture.

In my mind, the 20-30 minute heroic runs of Wrath were perfect and I don’t give one rats butt that some people thought this was too easy and allowed the (/sneer) casuals to get gear that they didn’t “earn”. Being OP is fun. Being under powered blows.

All of this is compounded by the growing frustration that many are feeling with the game. “If you don’t want to pug, then run with guild groups.” I would love to be able to do this. We had gotten very proficient with all of the current heroics; however, our members have stopped logging in. Many of them wanted to focus on their main characters in this expansion and did so quite effectively for the first couple of months, but we hit a wall. In Wrath, we had two 10 man groups in ICC and due to a variety of reasons those raiders have left the game or the guild. We could not consistently field one 10 man team and that was the end for many of the people that I’ve been playing with for more than two years.

I don’t think my guild experience is at all unique and I’m very concerned that this is happening all over the greater WoW community. I believe Blizzard is trying what they think is appropriate to start alleviating this problem, but I’m not sure that this is enough and I’m not sure that it is happing fast enough. I know too many people who are leaving and I don’t think many of them will ever come back.

That’s all fine and good Smoke, but how would you address the issue?

  • Bring Back That OP Feeling – Nerf the current heroic dungeons to the absolute floor. Can a well geared and coordinated group tear through them as they are now? Yes, but that isn’t the point. A group that consists of people with the minimum gear requirement to get in the dungeons and little/no communication (Nobody in their right mind is going to spend any significant time typing in directions into party chat. If it can’t be said in 10 words or less, it isn’t going to be said) can wipe on every other trash pull in some of these and that isn’t going to encourage them to do them again. Nerfing the dungeons speeds up the runs and increases my ability to tolerate the aforementioned ass-hats.
  • Speed Up Content Release – Blizzard, your community managers and developers indicated, when it was announced that patch 4.1 wasn’t going to have a new raid tier, that you were planning on doing more frequent and less bulky content patches. Well that was some time ago and we haven’t received that new content yet. I have to believe that Blizzard is seeing the subscription numbers drop and speeding up content release is one of the only ways to get people to continue their subscriptions. If you know that you are going to have to wait 2 months to see anything new, why would you pay for those 2 months? You could save $30 bucks and re-sub when the new content comes out.

What say you?


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