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Looking Into My Chrystal Ball

Posted by Smokimus on October 18, 2011

Blizz-Con is upon us; here is what will happen –

  • WoW Expansion Announcement – Looking forward level 90 drunken monkish pandas next summer.
    • New Class – Monk, will be a hybrid class that performs all three traditional roles.
    • Playable Pandas – Belly Bump racial.
    • Scalable Instances – Adjusting character traits to be appropriate for dungeon level.
    • Dance Studio! – Really! … No, not really.
  • Diablo III – Hit’n it in Sanctuary come January 2012.
    • FYI – Witch Doctors will be the most played class at release because they are awesome.
  • Starcraft II – Expansion coming holiday season 2012. Get your Zerg on.
  • Titan – Nothing to see here…Move along.
  • iOS/Android Games – They will announce games that tie into their current IPs that will be playable on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
    • This could be where we really see pandas, but I hope not.

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