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Flight Time

Posted by Smokimus on May 28, 2015

The recent dust up over flight in Warcraft- my thoughts.

I don’t particularly care that we don’t fly during the leveling phase of the game, but not being able to fly after reaching max level has and will continue to put a damper on the amount of time I spend in game.  Those activities that many of the game’s advocates were listing as “things to do when feeling burnt out”,were made more palatable by being able to do theme efficiently I.e. – accomplishing some random goal/achievement as quickly as possible.

It feels as though the developers don’t understand how I play the game currently.  I don’t have multiple uninterrupted hours a day (or ever) to play.  If I’m fortunate, I might have 45 minutes to play where real life doesn’t demand that I step away for some time.  Given that this is the case for me (and I suspect is the case for many others like me) not only can’t I raid, do dungeons, PvP or any other organized group activities, it is very difficult to do almost anything beyond garrison missions and checking the auction house.

The most valuable thing I give to the game is my time.  This doesn’t seem to be factored in to the decision regarding flight. I don’t have the time that I may have once had to play and the time that I do have to play precious.  Every moment that is spent trying to get from point a to point b is time that I’m not spending playing the game and is, in my opinion, a waste of the very little time I have in game.  Flying made getting to many of the destinations that I wanted to get to quicker allowing me to get what I wanted to accomplish done in the limited time available.  This seems not to matter in this recent decision.

The designers have indicated multiple times that they value game play over every other factor and that that game play should be fun.  Taking flight paths to reach various destinations isn’t compelling game play, nor is it fun.  Utilizing my time for tasks that don’t help me accomplish the goals that I set for my characters is not fun either.

Had the token not been introduced before this announcement, I would likely be seriously considering suspending my WOW account.  As it is, I’m subbed through September and so long as I continue to be able to use in game gold to pay for time, I will continue to be subbed. (Nice going by the way, they are effectively getting $5 more per month for my subscription.  I’m just not the one paying it).  However, I won’t be purchasing the next expansion at release.  If I purchase it at all, it will be well after release when it goes on sale.


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