Multitudes of Smoke

The thoughtful ramblings of a space goat and his alts.

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    • Is Where Ratters Has Exclusives-Like Info About The Next Expansion
      So, this here post be about them class Order Halls what got announced last week. If'n you's avoidin' spoilers, ya should prolly skip this. Is not really that importants anyhow.So, what they said was, each class done gonna get a hall fer ta get quests an' bond an' smack they's minions around fer bein' wastrels an' whatn […] (Ratshag)
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Smokimus is  a character(s) / alter ego of Mac Smith in the World of Warcraft.

I have been playing games from pen and paper RPGs (D&D) to console FPS (Halo, Splinter Cell, Half Life, etc…) for more than 30 years. I’m new to blogging and am hoping to use this site as a way to express my thoughts on WoW  and fantasy worlds, as well as RL things that can be related to these not real life environments, in a format that I’m comfortable with – the written word. (please note I didn’t say good at..I said comfortable with.)


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