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I Know This Won’t Happen, But…

Posted by Smokimus on October 4, 2013

With the recent discussion in WoW about “button bloat” from the Crabby One, I have a suggestion –

Replace the current spells / talent system in WoW with the Diablo 3 system.

In D3 your character gains new active skills or passive abilities every level for its 60 levels, but you can only have six active skills and three passive abilities at a time.  This allows for a sense of progression while leveling as new skills/abilities become available during the process, but doesn’t overwhelm the player with a ridiculous amount of abilities that have to be dealt with during combat.

That you should have to utilize macros or special equipment in order to maximize your character’s functionality is silly, at best.  This is particularly the case when accounting for the fact that the in game information available on how to utilize macros is “limited”; and were you new to the game, there is no way you could know that special equipment is needed to truly play your character to its full potential.

Here is how I think such a system would work:

  • Every level a new skill or ability would become available for your character to use.
  • These would be noted as being Damage, Healing, Tanking items (removing the need to choose a specialization)
  • And could be changed anytime, as long as you aren’t in combat.

This would simplify the choices that need to be made while in combat while allowing a deeper range of spells and passive abilities than are currently in the game.

This would also allow the possibility that every class could be a hybrid, but limiting the opportunity for a class to effectively do two jobs (DPS, Heal, Tank) too well at the same time. (The full toolbox of any given role would require the utilization of all of the available active skills for that role to be fully effective.)

I know this is simplistic and I know that there would be a huge outcry from the “old timers” about how the game is being “dumbed down” for the unwashed masses.  I, however, do think that there could be a great many benefits for such a move.

What say you?


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Who Needs LFR?

Posted by Smokimus on June 20, 2013

With the announcements of virtual realms and flex raiding, it seems to me that the WoW developers may be setting us up for a replacement for LFR. These two new features, if they work well, when considered together create an environment that may be similar to what we saw in the “Wrath” days, with an active 25 person pugging environment, but without the potential for loot drama.

Here is my thought process:

First, I don’t think that they want to have 3 different lockouts. This would go against the development path that they’ve charted since Cataclysm. There is a certain portion of the player base that would feel compelled to raid all three lockouts every week (LFR, Flex, and Normal/Heroic). This would lead to burnout by a good portion of this group, which would lead to a continuing decline in subscriptions. I’m sure that the powers that be would not want that. So one must go, and I think that one would likely be LFR. This is the raiding structure that is experiencing the most “toxic” player behavior.

Second, as I understand it, characters will be able group and join guilds across these virtual realms. This will allow guilds that are struggling to fill their normal raiding slots a larger pool of people to access and thereby have a greater possibility of completing their raids in guild groups.

Finally, when you combine these two systems you have an environment where you are going to be able to form pug raids from your own server and across your virtual realm that has the real potential to bring back some of that community feeling that seemed to be lost with the introduction of dungeon and raid finder.

Who knows Blizzard consistently finds ways to surprise us.

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